May 16, 2017
Sunday: CHJCC, Museum Brunch

Crown Heights Jewish Community Council and the Jewish Children’s Museum will honor elected officials and community activists at a Joint Legislative Brunch.

Crown Heights Jewish Community Council and the Jewish Children’s Museum will be coming together next week for a Joint Legislative Brunch honoring elected officials who serve Crown Heights.

The gathering will be hosted by Errol Louis, host of NY1’s Inside City Hall and will highlight the work of the Museum and the Community Council in fostering positive relations with the greater Crown Heights community.

Special guests at the event will be City Council Speaker and Police Commissioner James O’Neill.

City Council Member Laurie Cumbo, State Assemblyman Walter Mosley, and State Senator Jesse Hamilton will be recognized for their close working relationship with the Jewish Community and its institutions.

The Community will also be honoring Acting District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, Former Commander of the 77th Precinct, Eddie Lott, Senior Community Liaison for the Mayor’s Office Pinny Ringel, the members of the Brooklyn Delegation of NY City Council, headed by Council Member Mark Treyger, and NYPD’s Lieutenant Ira Jablonsky and Detective Vinny Martinos.

Rounding out the honorees will be Mrs. Mica Soffer, Publisher of, who will be recognized for her promotion of the Crown Heights community on the internet. Chesed award recipients are co-sponsors Joseph Popack and George Arzt.

The Brunch will be held at the Jewish Children’s Museum on Sunday, May 21, from 11am to 1:30pm. Community residents are invited to participate. While the official reservation price is $150, community residents are invited to participate for whatever lesser amount they feel able to contribute.

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Mrs Halberstam
You are the best!!!
(5/12/2017 3:25:42 PM)
I second that
Mrs Devora Halberstam is the one and only. Nothing like her. we shall all learn from her!
(5/16/2017 8:30:05 PM)
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