May 16, 2017
Women Hear Wedding Insights

Women and girls joined in person and online for’s latest event: "The Wedding: More Than A Party."

Over a hundred ladies and girls turned out in person, and around two hundred called in to join’s latest event: The Wedding: More Than A Party.

Featuring Mrs. Sara Morozow and Mrs. Yocheved Baitelman, the event enlightened everyone on the gold standard of behavior that enhances a wedding and takes it to the next level of kedusha.

Considered an eye-opener by many, Chassidishe values and guidance was imparted on everything from photos to dancing, giving a warm understanding of the parameters of halacha that accompany wedding celebrations.

Special thank you Dini Gurewitz, gracious hostess of the evening.

Thank you to Mrs. Kraindy Klein and Mrs. Devorah Leah Eilenberg, coordinators of the event.

Some comments from attendees:

“…As a mother of a kallah, I so enjoyed this! This is something that needs to be taught to every mother and every kallah to be! K’dai to have such a session twice a year! Thank you!...”

“…we need MORE of this! Everyone so busy keeping up with the “Joneses”, forgetting about the true meaning and ruchniyus of this special time!...Let our children be proud to do the right thing…”

“…Terrific talk! Loved how no psakim were given, our eyes were simply opened to the issues that can arise! Awareness! Wonderful…”

“….More, More, More!! Please give us more of such wonderful programming!”

Please note that a recording of the session will be posted on after rabbinical review.

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Opinions and Comments
Back to Basics
A great learning experience and so insightful. We were brought back to what a yiddishe chassidishe chassuna truly is. A very holy and uplifting experience Inc for the guests. Thank you Mrs Morozov and Mikvah Org for these necessary and enlightening presentations.
(5/16/2017 9:54:37 AM)
The solution to everything is education. I love how these women did something to increase awareness of what our Rebbeim want from us instead of just looking down on others, moaning and groaning. Yasher koach! Can't wait to hear the review!
(5/16/2017 10:15:22 AM)
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