May 16, 2017
Tzivos Hashem is "Refueling"

As Tzivos Hashem continues on the path toward growth and expands their programs, they ask for help as they "refuel."

In May 2016, the Crown Heights community banded together and raised over $1,000,000 to support our troops in the Army of Hashem.

In the year since then, Tzivos Hashem applied the funds toward growing its reach, implementing extensive programming updates, and building its teachers’ network, thereby increasing connectivity, efficiency and impact in all areas.

But continuing on the path toward growth requires a refueling. On May 23 at 2pm EST, join Tzivos Hashem in “Grow Your Rank” to raise $1,000,000.


Refueling 5777 from Tzivos Hashem on Vimeo.

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Best organization in Lubavitch
Tzivos Hashem is the only organization in Lubavitch that helps kids worldwide Anash and shluchim's kids.
Best organization in the entire Lubavitch!!!!
(5/16/2017 3:54:44 PM)
Tzivos Hashem is Incredible!
Tzivos Hashem motivates and excites my children to learn Torah and do mitzvos with an amazing chayus. Especially in this generation it is so vital to have Tzivos Hashem making Torah and Yiddishkeit a fun and happy experience for children. Let's all support this crucial cause - a cause that is helping us michanach our children in the most amazing way! Thank you Tzivos Hashem!!
(5/16/2017 8:29:47 PM)
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