May 16, 2017
Telegram Fuels Worcester Parade

One of the oldest Lag BaOmer parades was about to be deterred by the weather when a memory of the Rebbe's note came to mind.

As heavy rains were forecast for Sunday, Rabbi Mendel Fogelman recalled a Lag BaOmer celebration from many years ago.

Worcester, of course, was the first U.S. city outside of New York, to celebrate Lag B’Omer with a full parade, army band, floats, and all.

Day schools from Springfield, Boston, and Providence, Hebrew schools from Leominister, Fitchburg, Southbridge, Webster, Putnam-Connecticut, and more would all join Chabad in Worcester.

One year, with heavy rains scheduled for Sunday morning, Rabbi Hershel Fogelman called the Rebbe's office on Motzoei Shabbos, asking for a brocha about the predicted heavy rains.

On Sunday morning it was pouring, and a Western Union telegram arrived from the Rebbe with the following words, "Kdai Lismoch al Rabbi Shimon beshas hadchak. M. Schneerson." (You can rely on Rabbi Shimon in the time of need.)

Needless to say, every time the senior Rabbi Fogelman would retell the story he would say, "The sun shone so brightly at 10 AM, it was unbelievable!"

Rabbi Mendel Fogelman, "With that everlasting brocha, we were confident that the parade would go on this year. The Rebbe's brochas are forever."

At 4 PM people arrived at 22 Newton Avenue for the festivities. Each mother was greeted at the front door with a gift bag in honor of Mother's Day.

Central Mass Chabad Hebrew school children, adults, families, and Mayor Joseph Petty marched to Newton Square carrying signs proudly proclaiming the observance of Mitzvos.

Rabbi Fogelman addressed the crowd with warm words about the meaning of Lag Baomer, and then introduced Mayor Petty to read the Proclamation that he had issued about the Rebbe's parades.

The children then recited pesukim and sang Shma Yisroel. Everyone marched back to Central Mass Chabad for a huge barbecue, archery contest, moon bounce, petting zoo and Iron Chef Competition. Please enjoy the pictures of the 64th Annual Lag BaOmer in Central Massachusetts.

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a special place
Worcester is remarkable
(5/16/2017 5:00:56 PM)
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